It’s decided: first two books ready to go

As of tomorrow, the first two books I’m tackling are:

Cake Days, The Hummingbird Bakery and The Accidental Vegetarian, Simon Rimmer.

The former because of the special birthday celebration I’m due to either ruin or overshadow, and the latter because it will be a real challenge in our household. I bought Simon Rimmer’s book as a present for my husband last Christmas (yes, I know, technically not my book, but now we’re married, what’s his is mine), because he has often talked of turning vegetarian even though I know he never will for two reasons:

  1. He likes meat
  2. I like meat

I already know what I’m creating tomorrow and have my shopping list for the whole week already written out. So now I’m off to admire these two pristine, crisp, clean books for the last time before they are stained by buttercream and goats cheese, covered in ‘notes to self’ and angry queries for the authors, singed on one of the four hobs I have at my disposal and crumpled or ripped in frustration.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to it!


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