The rules: no turning back now

The look my husband gave me last night when I revealed my plan was priceless i.e. worth nothing. It said: “I know you. I know how enthusiastic you get about certain ideas. I know that you manage to complete tasks in your professional life but when it comes to personal goals you do have a tendency to abandon your projects half way. But I love you and I hope this look I’m giving you right now doesn’t give the game away that I’m just humouring you.”

I won’t rise to it and his smirk will soon disappear once he gets to eat all my delicious creations. The fact is, I’m one of these people who works best under pressure. If you tell me to do something in my own time, you may as well be saying “don’t worry if it never gets done.” So I was thrilled to see that a few of you have already started following this blog because now the pressure is on! There are people out there aware of my plans and will be dismayed (work with me here) if this project isn’t completed. So on to the next step, the rules…

The rules/guidelines

  1. I will be working through two books at a time. Everyone likes cake/Indian cuisine/Christmas, but to eat one type of cuisine for every meal would be too much for anyone to take. Also, it means that I should be able to find a recipe to satisfy most meals and occasions within two books, thus helping me get through them quicker (I hope).
  2. If I come across a recipe that I have already created I don’t HAVE to recreate it. However, I can if I want to and if I don’t, I still have to write about my experience when I last attempted it (one Nigella recipe springs to mind here – I vowed never to create it again as it would be a total waste of ingredients but I will still share my experience of it with you).
  3. I have to create a minimum of five recipes a week. My husband and I cook every night so I actually see me surpassing this target regularly.
  4. I have to accept that life will sometimes get in the way. But if I’m unable to cook for whatever reason, I will provide you with a full explanation.
  5. There shall be no waste. If I foresee leftovers, I will ensure that the eating of these leftovers will be delegated. I alraedy have a list of schools and churches who can help with this rule.

I mentioned in my first post that I would commence my journey on Saturday, 5th May 2012. However, someone very special is having a very special birthday celebration tomorrow (Friday, 4th May 2012) so I thought it would be the perfect time to start…or possibly ruin someone’s special day.


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