Sun-blush Niçoise, pg. 25, The Accidental Vegetarian

I find salads a bit of a bore. I’ve probably only ordered 5 salads in restaurants my whole life. At home, they have to be loaded with meat and cheese or soaked in a dressing for me to be interested. So to have to tackle a vegetarian salad for Sunday lunch really didn’t get my heart beating.

We were running late (again) and needed to be in the cinema by 7.30pm and were eating this salad at 7pm (it takes 15mins to get into town). Luckily, it took no time at all to prepare. The only time consuming part (and by time consuming, I only mean 10mins) was waiting for the potatoes and beans to cook.

The dressing included egg yolks, which in their raw state make me feel a bit nauseous. Our dog loves raw eggs, and watching him lapping them up in his bowl is enough to make me consider becoming vegan (as long as I could still eat meat and dairy produce). But once I managed to block out that image, I found the dressing to be very pleasant.

Now, over the next few weeks you will notice a theme developing. My husband and I are big eaters and have huge appetites and the fact that between us, we probably exercise for nearly 20hrs a week, doesn’t help this one bit! Simon Rimmer states that this recipe will make enough for 6 people. This made us laugh. For one thing, it only contains 3 eggs, and if I went to a restaurant and had half an egg in my salad, I’d be quite disappointed. I’d be expecting one at least. So, I ended up making a salad for six, for two. I even included more potatoes than listed in the recipe. We ate it all and I still had room for a small tub of vanilla ice cream and a whole bag of M&Ms at the cinema.

My advice is, please do make this salad as it is delicious even without a nice meaty tuna steak on top, but if you want it as a main meal, it’s worth considering the suggested measurements carefully.

Also, the Avengers is a good film, but am I the only person who’s starting to get fed-up of watching New York being destroyed?


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