Some thoughts in between recipes

I wouldn’t want to live in a different environment or setting to that which I’m in now. I’m a 15-20min drive away from the nearest town, 10min drive from the closest Post Office and the same distance from a pub. I can see thousands of stars on a clear night and I wake up to the sound of birds and sheep. I love the fact that the largest town for 30 miles doesn’t have a chain store on every corner (although unfortunately that may change), and that it’s pretty much inaccessible unless you really want/need to be there. Some people think I’m mad, but considering I lived in London for five years I know I’m definitely not!

This does however mean that if you own 34-odd cookbooks, you will never actually get to cook each recipe accurately as certain ingredients will never be available to you. Okra, for example. On Great Exuma a few weeks ago, we couldn’t move for the stuff, but back home, I’m looking at having to pay up to £10 to get them delivered to the house. This is already starting to cause me some stress as I was hoping to be able to tackle my challenge by creating each dish as accurately as humanly possible.

(Peculiarly however, if you need a dragon fruit, no problem. I could tell you which shop and the exact shelf where they are sold…)

Well, unless I contact or take out a mortgage, I have to pre-empt defeat and accept that I’m only a human with an average household income and I won’t always be able to satisfy each (particularly elaborate or exotic) recipe. But I will do my best, I promise.

I have two things I will be cooking tonight, so come back tomorrow for a full write up!


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