Coffee and chocolate loaf, pg.160, Cake Days The Hummingbird Bakery

I love cooking but I love baking more. It’s most definitely a comfort thing. Growing up baking with my mam and both grandmothers and being plied with baked goodies at family gatherings must have stayed with me!

I also suffer with occasional anxiety attacks (don’t worry, this isn’t the X Factor, I’m not fishing for sympathy) and there are two things that I enjoy which guarantee that, whilst I’m doing them, all of life’s irrational worries disappear from my mind; horse riding and baking. So last night, even though I was like a rag after a mentally exhausting day hunched over my laptop, once I started weighing ingredients, I was in another world. However, that world soon came crashing down when I realised I only had 2 eggs. I needed 3. I’d been so excited about having boiled eggs for breakfast that morning, I hadn’t thought to plan ahead! Eat now, think (or regret) later tends to be my motto!

A rushed voicemail to my husband asking him to grab some eggs on the way home, and it was time to play the waiting game. This is how the ‘cake’ was left for a good 4 hours…

…but he came through and I managed to bake my loaf before bedtime (I even had time to taste a slice…just to be sure it had turned out ok of course).

This loaf was delicious! It was dense in flavour but had an amazing velvety texture. The coffee wasn’t too overpowering either, just providing a bitter-sweet (of the delicious kind) aftertaste. I had another slice for breakfast this morning, sent 2/3s of it off with my husband to share amongst his teaching colleagues (apparently it “went down very well”) and I gave the rest to by business partner who was intending on sharing it with her daughters. Whether she did or not, we may never know!

I recommend eating this loaf with a nice cold glass of semi-skimmed milk.


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