I could turn: Coronation chick peas and potato salad, pg.29, The Accidental Vegetarian, Simon Rimmer

This has been my favourite dish from The Accidental Vegetarian yet.

I love coronation chicken. Ever since I first tasted it in a baguette at a new (at the time) cafe in town when I was about 13 years old, I was fascinated by the taste. Sweet and tangy but also curry!

To even consider making this without meat would usually have turned me right off, but I couldn’t argue the fact that this was one of my recipes in one of my 34 books so I would have to cook it and put my trust in Simon Rimmer once again.

It was delicious. The potatoes were still warm when I served it. I used red Thai curry paste (it asked for a smooth curry paste), and I think the extra heat made a difference. I served it with a pan fried salmon breast, but to be honest, it didn’t need it. It might actually be nice with a simple omelette and a green salad.

I was so eager to sit down and tuck in that I forgot to take a proper picture! So here are the leftovers (yes, leftovers!! but I did make enough for 8…) in a bowl:


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