This is not an apology

I’m not cooking anything new tonight. There it is, I’ve said it.

Today I realised that The Accidental Vegetarian has 110 recipes and Cake Days has 102. Today I also celebrate a week of my challenge where I have managed to create 6 of the former and 2 of the latter (that’s more than one a day). I think that’s pretty good. Although putting it into context and reminding myself of my 32 other cookbooks, I realise my children will probably be in University before I finish this challenge (I don’t have children yet, which hopefully helps explain the gravity of the situation!)

Besides, we still have nearly a bowlful of the blini batter leftover but as a treat for my husband when he comes home from work and boxing, I will be serving them with sausages, soured cream, the leftover peppers and possibly some swiss cheese. Yes Simon Rimmer, you read that right, sausages.

I will begin a brand new recipe tomorrow. Possibly involving a pineapple.

Happy Friday night eating and drinking everyone! I’m off to make myself a 3rd elderflower martini. Well, what else is a girl to do while she awaits her husband’s return?!


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