Sweet Potato & pineapple sandwich, The Accidental Vegetarian

Today, whilst my husband went for a 22 mile ‘run’, I lazed about watching Man v Food. I’m convinced I could do most of the challenges and plan on putting it to the test one day…

Once he returned, I knew he would be famished so needed to get cooking asap! Unfortunately, I can’t recall much of the process of creating this recipe because we were also listening to a programme on Radio 4 which dealt with an unsolved murder in the USA that was solved by a local woman and a journalist from the UK. I digress but it was fascinating.

The meal was nice although I didn’t feel the pineapple really fitted in with the rest of it. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious but didn’t really mesh. The sweet potatoes, onions and coconut/curry paste sauce were great, and would benefit from being served with some king prawns.

Because I didn’t fancy eating any more of the pineapples I was left rather dissatisfied and if my husband hadn’t made himself a sandwich whilst we were listening to the radio, he would be too.


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