The finish line…

…as if! I really do hope none of you thought that since my last post, I had actually gone through all 34 cookbooks. In fact, I have finally finished the two batches of cakes I was preparing for my sister in law’s 30th birthday.

I love birthdays. My husband isn’t bothered (this is down to them not making much fuss of it as kids apparently) but I love them! You get to see family and friends you don’t see often, you get to eat out at least once, have at least one birthday cake and presents (even if it’s mainly money now I’m into my 30s).

We’re off out in Bournemouth tonight to celebrate – the theme is masks and luckily my husband and I got to the fancy dress shop just before it closed. He chose a bear mask and I chose a feathery one that looks a bit like a half bear, half wolf. We’re pretty sure no-one else will have the same ones.

Now on to the food – I had baked both batches at home before travelling to Dorset for the birthday celebrations, and they were pretty straightforward apart from the fact that both mixtures made more than the recipe stated…so today I iced my banoffee cupcakes from Cake Days, Hummingbird Bakery and they look great. But not quite as they should…

Banoffee goodness

The dulce de leche custard for the top (yum, amazing!) was a bit runny even though it has been in the fridge for 2 days. I’m worried I may have used to much cream in it (but pretty sure I didn’t). So just beware, maybe add the cream a little at a time until you have the desired consistency.

My husband was my tester and he ate one in two bites. He loved them.

Next was creating my chocolate and peanut butter whoopie pies. Ready to be stuck together, I mixed the butter, icing sugar and marshmallow fluff and I think you should keep this recipe as a quick topping for any cake! It tastes of ice cream.

You will remember in an earlier post, I complained at length about not being able to source certain ingredients where I live. Well, I wasn’t even going to bother looking for marshmallow fluff, because in the past, the only places I’ve come across it is in America and Selfridges, London. But I was in Morrisons the other day looking for peanut butter, and lo and behold, what was on the next shelf but not only marshmallow fluff, but marshmallow fluff on offer. I nearly passed out!

Now, I didn’t enjoy creating the filling – the butter, even though it was soft, didn’t want to mix with the icing sugar so it was just in large clumps and when I added the fluff, it would just ride up the whisk! Anyway, we got there in the end and here is the result…

The result is amazing – they taste incredible and they have this texture where they just stick to every corner of your mouth. Maybe one to eat alone…


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