Banana Dhal, The Accidental Vegetarian, Simon Rimmer

A dish that combines the meat of the fruit world with the meat of the pulses and grains world…

My mam used to discourage us from eating more than one banana a day. I don’t know why but I must make a confession here, now – there have been a few times in my adulthood when I have eaten two. Not straight after the other, maybe one in the morning and one in the evening.

Love them with sausages or bacon. Sometimes in soup, blended. That is all.

After paying for a wedding, a honeymoon and an upcoming trip to the South Pacific to visit family, this week we are what is known as broke. Between us, we don’t have a penny in our personal accounts so the big weekly shop had to be postponed. Panic.

I don’t mind trying to be creative with storecupboard ingredients, but my husband gets very nervous about it and I’m worried it might slow down the progress I’m making with my challenge. But tonight it’s a matter of ‘so far so good’.


turned into this…

The only tweaks I had to make were to use puy lentils instead of red ones (I had the former, not the latter), and use three bananas rather than four (not my mam’s influence, just ran out of bananas). To be honest, I think another banana would have been overkill.

I boiled some basmati rice just to bulk up the dish somewhat and, wait for it, we actually have some leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch! Result!

We both enjoyed the dhal, but my husband is sat here now eating cereal. It’s becoming a habit…


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