Moroccan Spaghetti (without the spaghetti), The Accidental Vegetarian, pg.80

I didn’t have any spaghetti or enough tomatoes. The former wasn’t too much of an issue as I had plenty of pasta, but I would advise that having the correct amount of tomatoes is pretty crucial unless you’re happy with a dry, thirst creating pasta-nut-chickpea meal!

I love north African food – hearty meals packed to the brim with meat, spices, vegetables, rice, cous cous…mmm-hmmm! The aroma raising from the frying pan during creating this recipe was incredible and took me back to a holiday I once took in Tunisia (not Morocco!)

I didn’t have any proper tomatoes and had to make do with around 12 of the cherry variety. It was better than nothing but it did result in a drier than probably intended meal.

The pinch of turmeric I added was more like a fistfull…

…but luckily it didn’t ruin the taste.

A very hearty meal, just a tad dry (my fault, not Simon Rimmer’s!). But as my husband said: “Do you know what would be nice in this…some sausage.” Most of his comments on these dishes tend to begin with the same line!


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