Chewy Monkey Bars, Cake Days, Hummingbird Bakery

Melting honey, butter and marshmallows in a saucepan was the highlight of my day today. I haven’t had a particularly bad day but there’s something about warm sugary goo that helps lift the spirits.

These bars are so easy to make. Apart from melting some ingredients, no cooking time is required. They reminded me of Mars bar or toffee and marshmallow crispies we used to make as children. This recipe does attempt to be healthy, adding rolled oats, Rice Crispies and coconut, but I did mention the butter, honey and marshmallow didn’t I…? Oh, and then you mix in some chocolate chips.

My husband is fighting in a boxing match tomorrow night so because he’s been trying to lose a couple of pounds to qualify for light middleweight status, I’ve been dragged into eating healthily this week also. So when he went to bed early tonight, I made a bee line for the fridge and took five big mouthfuls. I might take some in a tupperware box for him as a treat after his bout tomorrow, if there’s any left.


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