A month into my challenge – recipe round-up

A month has passed since I began my challenge and from my count, I’m 18 recipes down (aware that I have 2 still left to write up here).

It would have been 19 but yesterday, while on a walk with my husband and our dog, I foolishly challenged myself to jump over a large log. The dog made it to the other side successfully. I did not. A sore behind and a banged head later, I was left feeling sorry for myself all night and couldn’t bring myself to cook. My husband made coronation chicken which leads me nicely to round up my thoughts on what I’ve cooked over the last month.

Without even looking at my write-ups, the best savoury dish was Simon Rimmer’s coronation chickpea and potato salad from The Accidental Vegetarian – flavourfull and filling. Sweet-wise, it was the honey and pear layer cake from Cake Days, The Hummingbird Bakery, that I baked for my dad’s 60th – I’m still gutted that I gave all the leftovers to my parents…birthday or not!

I look forward to the next month (she says, now sitting here in a neck brace not able to look up, down, left or right. My husband’s cooking omelette tonight…)

Weekend recipe posts to come…


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