Bank Holiday regrets and a delicious Bengali yogurt fish curry, Anjum Anand

When I write up my experiences of tackling these recipes, I don’t for one minute imagine that there are people out there waiting with baited breath for the next installment (I don’t think mam even follows it that religiously). The purpose of this blog was mainly to force me into completing my challenge – knowing I would have to write about it would surely mean I would get through each and every recipe at double quick speed, right? Wrong!

In fact, I’m producing the recipes but not writing about them! Mainly out of laziness – the bank holiday tends to have that effect on me. So I’m 2 recipes behind. Here’s the first:

Bengali Yogurt fish curry and southern lemon and cashew nut rice: I love Curry, Anjum Anand (without the cashews or Bengal gram…will have to make this properly again)

June bank holiday should really be about melting ice creams on the beach, long walks in the warm evenings and cold beers in a cool beer garden. This weekend it rained, and rained, and rained again so something warm and comforting was called for! Forget your picnics, salads and sorbets, it was curry weather. This meant I would need to start on another book from my mountain. I’m now working from 3 different ones.

The main ingredients in this recipe are white fish (I had two large haddock fillets), fresh ginger, tomatoes, coriander and creamy Greek yogurt. I’m never really sure what to do with white fish. Apart from having it deep fried with chips, I’m often underwhelmed as it can make the most seasoned and spiced dish into a bland stew. This recipe was different however, and the delicate flavour of the fish actually added to it. None of the spices were too overpowering and the sauce was nice and creamy. Although, I didn’t manage the same bright orange colour as in the book (not even with Instagram’s help).

Also, I had to use red chillies as I didn’t have any green ones left.

I didn’t fancy just plain rice but didn’t have all the ingredients required for one of Anjum Anand’s rice dishes. What you see in the picture is a toned down version of her southern lemon and cashew nut rice but with about 3 key ingredients missing, so I promise to make this again.


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