Madhur Jaffrey and her amazing book cover: Salmon in Bengali mustard sauce

I love the cover of Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Easy book.

This is a book given to my husband as a Christmas presents from my parents (following my suggestion).  We have cooked her salmon in a tomato-cream sauce at least half a dozen times already. It’s so simple but incredibly tasty.

This book is now the 4th I’m working through. So at the last count, I’m working from 1 vegetarian, 1 cake and 2 curry books. A balanced diet all round I think you’ll agree.

This was the second curry of the weekend…

Salmon in Bengali mustard sauce and basmati rice with lentils
I’m beginning to understand why the title of this book was chosen. This recipe was so easy to make. I had every ingredient required – turmeric, mustard powder, mustard, cumin and fennel seeds – apart from green chillies, so I used red.

You marinade the salmon, then mix a paste for the pan. The paste goes in before the salmon, and the strong smell of mustard emanating from the steam should definitely be recommended as a cure for colds! Once the mixture is simmering, the fish goes in and it takes no time to cook. The resulting colour is incredible and looked very striking against the rice. The only thing I would note is that there is a lack of sauce (or there was compared to how much rice we had) so it might be worth doubling the ingredient quantities for the paste. Also, don’t worry about ending up with an overpowering mustard taste – it mellows quite a bit during the process of cooking.

The rice and lentils were cooked with cinnamon (had to use mixed spice as had no cinnamon sticks or the ground variety!), cardamom, bay leaves and onion.

I can’t remember why, but the bottom of the pan burnt but I had made enough not to have to scrape the bottom. The chicken ate the burnt bits…now I’m just waiting for her to produce cardamom infused eggs!


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