The perils of buying poultry

I was looking forward to cooking and eating chicken in milk, River Cafe Cook Book Easy. I have owned this book for over 6 years and never created any of the recipes! This has now been delayed further by two stinky whole chickens that my husband bought from Morrisons. Chicken with milk was not to be this week.

I have been criticised on twitter for not buying these chickens from my local butcher, but in fact, our local butcher had sold out of poultry and pork (randomly!) so the supermarket was our plan B.

As I tore open the cellophane, the awful egg-like smell that rose up towards my nostrils was unbearable and there was still a day to go before the sell by date. If we weren’t both working then driving away for the weekend today we would’ve taken them back. As it is, the dog has eaten one and will have the other tonight. He has no complaints.



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