Christmas comes early

A great way of ensuring delicious meals and plenty of leftovers throughout the week is to cook a great big chunk of meat. And although Nigella Lawson’s ginger glazed ham is meant for Christmas (well, it is featured in her Nigella Christmas book…and we do cook it at Christmas too), we cook it all year round – we get one hot meal, ham for sandwiches and salad and the dog enjoys the leftover fat and gristle.

This ham is boiled in ginger ale (well, it would be, but I prefer the taste of ginger beer – much spicier). It’s then smothered in mustard, ginger preserve and dark brown sugar. The sweet ginger and the salty ham mesh really well.

We had this ham with poached eggs and potato wedges (or posh ham, egg and chips if you will…!). As you will see, I didn’t take a picture of the whole meal. I forgot because I was so eager to tuck in! Here is the ham, half eaten!

The dog enjoyed it too.


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