Quesadillas, Nigella Express

Tortilla, cured hams, jalapeño, cheese and hot salsa says Wednesday night, doesn’t it?!

We eat a lot of wraps in our house – they’re quick and can be healthy if you want them to be. The only difference with quesadillas as far as I can see is that instead of rolling the tortillas, you fold them and instead of eating cold, you griddle them.

I don’t own a griddle. I may have mentioned this before. I get by with a frying pan but it just doesn’t make food look as aesthetically pleasing.

We both created our own tortillas, which we would eventually share. My husband’s were bursting to the brim with filling and we found that you do need to press down on the tortilla once folded to make sure they stay in tact in the pan.

The whole house smelt of pancakes and we devoured these with some hot salsa. We both wanted more – unfortunately we didn’t have any cured ham left otherwise we would still be eating these today!


2 thoughts on “Quesadillas, Nigella Express

  1. Oh this takes me back as I used to work in a Mexican restaurant as a student! I love Mexican and I had forgotten about these beauties which will now be back on my menu!

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