Mini meatloaves and moonblush tomatoes, Nigella Express

In an attempt to make these posts more interactive I have decided, where possible, to include a link to the recipes I discuss. I didn’t want to infringe on any copyright guidelines by typing them out in my blog so adding links to recipes online seems to be the best option.

Moonblush tomatoes
Hazaar! At my first attempt, here is the recipe: moonblush tomatoes

I made these the night before I planned on eating them. Quite straightforward, preheat the oven, put everything in a tray, put tray in oven then turn the oven off and leave the tray in overnight.

I was like a child at Christmas and had to hold back from ruining the effect by opening the oven to check on the tiny tomatoes’ progress. My plan was to serve them with Nigella’s mini meatloaves (no innuendo intended).

Mini meatloaves
And if you’re keen to try them yourself, here is the recipe: mini meatloaves (so far so good on the recipe link front!)

I’ve never had meatloaf before so had nothing to compare these with. But here are my preparation tips – if you’re in the UK and/or just don’t have access to any A.1. steak sauce, substitute it with good old HP Sauce, also, I don’t know why but I chose to use Ready Brek  instead of quick cook oats. I had both in the cupboard but I thought the fine powdery consistency of the former might work better. I don’t know if I was right in thinking this.

The loaves went in and the whole house smelt amazing – a meaty, oaty aroma.

However, when they came out, they didn’t look anything like the picture in the book. No idea why. They looked anaemic next to Nigella’s golden brown creations. She suggests waiting until they’re cool to eat, but I couldn’t resist trying one of them. They were bloomin hard to get off the baking sheet but tasted great.

We ate the meatloaves with the moonblush tomatoes that evening, I enjoyed the loaves with leftover hot salsa from when we had the quesadillas. I didn’t enjoy the moonblush tomatoes as much. They are incredibly intense and sightly too salty. Coupled with the meatloaves (which included a large quantity of salty sausagemeat), it was too much. They might be better mixed into some dish or other or to complement fresher, sweeter or starchier ingredients.

See what you think!


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