Spaghettini with prawns and chilli, Nigella Express

Apologies, I couldn’t find this recipe online, but it’s page 293 in the book.

I had to google spaghettini. What did we used to do without google? I look up actors who I’m convinced I’ve seen in another programme but can’t remember which one; wildlife or plants I notice on walks or in the garden that I don’t recognise; and the names of people I know.

I found spaghettini online (apparently it’s very thin spaghetti) but not in the shop. Instead I bought regular spaghetti and linguine. I opted for the latter because I was in the mood for flat rather than round. Apart from that, the only other thing I had to substitute was sunblush tomatoes for sun dried tomatoes (one is meant to be drier and wrinklier than the other but in my experience it really depends on the producer).

Quick and easy, and it required Nigella’s favourite again – spring onions. But can someone please tell me if it’s at all possible to mix ingredients into spaghetti (or linguine) properly?? I can never disperse everything and meat and vegetables usually end up at the bottom of the pan.

The flavours were delicate, which I like – I prefer to be able to taste my pasta.


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