Quick chilli that turned into a curry…

Ah summer, with its salads and sorbets…the summer of 2012 however, brings with it the need for comfort food. Chilli! After finishing work, I just wanted to be wrapped up on the sofa under a blanket (I’m desperate to put the heating on but trying to save our oil for the official winter), so I didn’t want to slave in the kitchen for hours. I turned to the Nigella Express book for inspiration, here is the recipe and this is what happened…

I never buy pre-prepared sauces (apart from pesto), so this recipe was taking me out of my comfort zone somewhat. It requires one can of mixed spicy beans and a jar of chunky vegetable sauce for pasta. This is meant to help speed up the cooking process. Luckily there are plenty of good quality pre-prepared sauces out there.

You don’t need to add any oil as the first thing you do is fry some chorizo – these release enough of their own rich, spicy oil to accommodate the minced beef.

You really need to be a meat lover to enjoy this…

After cooking the meat, all the other ingredients go in and are left for 20mins. Now, everything was going to plan until I realised that my other half had bought curried beans rather than spicy beans (I have noticed from my last few posts that I do complain about his shopping skills, but I am grateful that he does the shopping while I work from home). I added some chilli flakes to ensure it would be spicy, but this chilli had suddenly turned into a curry.

Nevertheless, served with rice, it was delicious. And there’s plenty leftover for lunch tomorrow!


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