Beautiful beetroot dip, Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved my Life, Nadia Sawalha

Spellcheck does not like the word ‘beetroot’. Every time I write it, be it in Word, on Twitter or in this blog, those annoying little red dots appear beneath it, signaling that I’ve made a terrible error. I start to doubt myself, check the dictionary, and find I was right…again!

I have made this dip a number of times, it is great served with meat, fish, in chunky ham sandwiches, in wraps, burgers…the list is endless! So I had no problem in making it again for this challenge. What always amazes me is the colour. You mix the tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, water, salt and garlic in one bowl, and mash the beetroot in another (I like to leave some chunks in there rather than purée it). Once you combine the contents of both bowls, the colour that’s created is amazing, just don’t get it on your clothes whatever you do!

In the past, I’ve always made my own tahini by blending sesame seeds into a paste with a little oil. This time, I bought some tahini in a jar. To be perfectly honest, I prefer it when I make my own. The tahini I used this time was much too overpowering. I’m not suggesting that you should all start making your own tahini, but I would advise you to add less than the recipe suggests until you get the strength of flavour you desire.


A million and one apologies

I was away on holiday for 3 weeks, but somehow haven’t blogged for nearly 2 months! Not quite sure how that happened! I now have a backlog of dishes to share with you, along with an additional extra to my challenge – a weekly shopping budget of £40. A honeymoon and holiday in the space of 5 months has led to this inevitability…

Having such a tight budget is certainly making me think more about what I buy. I would always buy branded produce before, but now, I’m shopping around for the most economical options. Plus, this means barely any treats – liquid or solid – Christmas can’t come quickly enough!

Thank you for bearing with me and my latest dish will be up here soon!