The post I’ve been dreading

I’m going to get my apology in first with this post. I love Nigella. I often wish I could be her, but there is one recipe that I tried a while ago which I won’t be recreating, not even for the sake of my challenge as it’s a waste of ingredients. Her chef’s salad.

In doing this challenge, I wanted to provide as much guidance based on my own experiences as possible so if you attempt any of these recipes, you can avoid any pitfalls. My advice with this recipe is, don’t bother.

I made this salad for my boyfriend (now husband) while living in London. It seemed straightforward, and I love any salad that contains plenty of meat and cheese. However, to this day, we both shudder when we recount our experience of this.

Somehow, none of the ingredients mesh – the iceberg lettuce is too watery and rigid, ham is just ham (get nice ham, but it won’t guarantee a nice salad), emmental is one of my favourite cheeses but just doesn’t work, there’s too much sweetcorn in it and avocado…again, love avocado, but all these ingredients just stand alone in this dish and don’t seem to complement each other. Even the dressing can’t help bind them together – the mustard vinegar dressing is just too tart for ingredients that all have quite subtle flavours.

I couldn’t find a link to the recipe online, but as you may have gathered, that’s no bad thing. Nigella, I’m sorry, so far I have loved all your other recipes but this is one that is firmly banished to the history books.