Grilled chicken with honey-glazed figs, Phil Vickery

Around 8 years ago, I followed a strict gluten-free diet for a few months and felt great. I’ve been meaning to follow this type of eating plan again but keep being tempted by gluten-laden treats. I bought Phil Vickery’s ‘Seriously Good Gluten-Free Cooking’ book a couple of years ago but have never cooked anything from it. Until now.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I often overlook recipes which don’t feature an image of the final dish. It must be a psychological thing. This recipe didn’t have an image attached so I was about to put all my trust in some words on a page (oh, and I couldn’t find this recipe online).

First off, I had to marinate the chicken in a concoction which included Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and lemon juice. It says to leave it overnight if possible but this was our supper and we were hungry. I then had to marinade the figs in honey and sherry vinegar for 20 mins. Easy enough.

Once marinated, you cook the chicken first, then the figs. Both under the grill.

I quite liked the taste of the chicken, but I think the figs would have benefited from being marinated in a more intense balsamic vinegar rather than sherry vinegar.

This is great with salad but keep it as a green salad, as the acidity of the tomatoes we used interfered with the subtlety of the figs.